What do we do?

We can sum up Pancake Farm in two simple statements:

  • great meat naturally
  • good food locally

We produce quality, great-tasting food which is grown, eaten and appreciated locally.

Think about the term ‘local’. Is it enough simply to buy from somebody who farms in your area? Or should it be more than that?

We think to be truly local, animals must make the most of their environment. Outdoor-reared, of course. An animal raised indoors may as well come from anywhere in the country.

Take it a step further and seek out local breeds: they’re well-matched to local conditions. And local pastures? It’s what gives local meat its character, its terroir. Think of a fine wine: where it’s grown dictates its taste. A pasture’s the same – each one has a unique population of grasses, herbs and other flora. Spray it, and all you end up with is grass. Not much of a varied diet for the animals that graze it – nor much of a habitat for wildlife.

‘Grass-fed’ versus ‘pasture-fed’? No contest; you’ll taste the difference with meat from Pancake Farm.

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