The perfect combination of good food, simply cooked, locally sourced


Free-raised meat from Pancake Farm, in the heart of the Cotswolds

Our animals – pigs, sheep and cattle – live outdoors all year-round, grazing unimproved herb-rich pastures

Locally-grown ingredients

Our vegetables and other ingredients are all sourced locally, including Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil, beer from local breweries and game from local shoots

Transformed into tasty, hand-produced meals

We cook just as you would at home – no industrial processes, nothing added that you wouldn’t find in your own larder – and then freeze them ready for you to reheat

Biodegradable, compostable packaging

Our farming’s low-impact, so we think our food products should be too. We use trays made from sugar beet pulp, which means you can recycle the packaging through your food waste bin. Simple!


I’m wheat-intolerant. Since I can’t sample what I can’t eat, there is no wheat in any Nuntions.  Instead, we use oats (for example, in place of breadcrumbs in our faggots), or spelt (our pastry is made with spelt from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire)

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