What we believe in

There’s nothing complicated about life at Pancake Farm.

  • animals that live naturally, eat naturally and grow naturally produce the best-tasting, healthiest meat
  • 100% customer satisfaction is more important than 100% guaranteed supply
  • food is better eaten as close as possible to its point of production

We’re not organic, but we farm as sustainably as we can. We avoid antibiotics as much as we can and use homeopathy for both preventative and curative medicine.

Good meat doesn’t come off a production line. We wait until ours is properly ready; that means we don’t always have a constant supply available.

Be patient; good meat is seasonal.

Meat produced at Pancake Farm is some of the best-tasting and most naturally-produced meat available anywhere. If you don’t try some for yourself, you might well see it featuring in the menus of some of Gloucestershire’s top chefs, restaurants and pubs.

our products

  • Nuntions
    nuntion (nŭn’ shůn) from the Middle Ages, describing one of the traditional meals of the...
  • Three Wiltshire hoggets
    Lamb, hogget and mutton
    Our pasture-fed Wiltshire Horn sheep produce slow-grown meat with a remarkable, characteristic taste. A fierce...
  • Stonepit Pork
    Reared outside and grown naturally, our pork is raised for maximum flavour. The meat from our...
  • rubyVEAL
    We believe our rubyVEAL – English rose veal – is some of the best you...