Grass-fed and naturally raised throughout the lush, green, herb-rich Chedworth valley, our Wiltshire Horn sheep produce slow-grown meat with a remarkable, characteristic taste.

Managing our flock with fierce tradition, respecting the seasons and natural sheep cycles, we’re one of a handful of farms to produce three types of sheep meat.  Our lamb, hogget and mutton each has its own season, imbuing it with distinctive pasture-fed flavour – our lambs receive no concentrates.

  • New season lamb is usually ready for Harvest Home.  Slightly smaller than commercial lamb, this sweet and mellow meat is bursting with flavour.
  • Our ‘mutton renaissance’ is between October and March.  A fine, traditional English meat, ours is hung for two weeks to bring out its complex, rich taste.  No wonder top chefs are bringing it back to their kitchens.
  • Spring and early summer sees hogget go on sale.  Subtly different from lamb, its fuller flavour reveals the different winter pasture composition; it’s the tasty alternative to bland New Zealand imports.

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