Our unique Stonepit Pork comes from the rare Oxford and Sandy Black pig, the traditional cottage pig thought to be related to both the Tamworth and the Gloucester Old Spot.

With a 300-year heritage, it is one of Britian’s oldest pig breeds.  Yet just 25 years ago the breed was almost extinct.  Interest in older breeds and the ‘real pork’ they produce has brought it back into favour.  Lighter-boned than most breeds, they deliver the perfect meat:fat ratio to ensure juicy, flavour-packed chops and joints.  Raised outside on a mixed diet of fruit, vegetables and cereals, their foraging and browsing enhances the unique depth of flavour.

Stonepit Pork is available fresh at regular intervals during the year, although we often have a selection of frozen joints for sale.  The “Harvest Home” pigs are among the most popular, for these have access to an almost unlimited supply of surplus apples, gathered locally, throughout late summer and early autumn, producing an exceptionally sweet, full-flavoured meat.

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