rubyVEAL – English rose veal

Veal’s enjoying a comeback and we’re proud to be spearheading its revival here in Gloucestershire.

Pancake Farm’s rubyVEAL will appeal to anyone who enjoys veal and wants to support an ethical, welfare-friendly farming system that produces some of the best-tasting, healthiest meat you can buy.

Let’s face it – veal can court controversy. But eating well-reared English veal can salve your conscience, rather than prick it.

By helping to support a market for veal, you ensure that many of the bull calves born into dairy herds each year can enjoy a decent life. These calves are the inevitable by-product of the dairy industry and so, if we eat dairy products, we should embrace and enjoy the delicious meat that is ruby veal. It’s also a very healthy meat, low in fat and with high levels of minerals, vitamins and omega 3.

We raise our calves in small groups, outdoors. They’re usually Holsteins or British Friesians, but we also cross with Shorthorns and other breeds. They all drink cows’ milk rather than milk replacements and some of them enjoy a ‘nurse cow’, usually one of the older retirees from the main herd, allowing the calves the benefit of a ‘real’ mother. They wean themselves naturally and as they start to graze on the herb-rich organic pastures in Chedworth, their meat takes on a darker, richer hue: hence our ‘ruby veal’ moniker. At about seven months old – older than lambs and pigs – they’re taken to a local abattoir, where the meat is hung for about ten days before butchering.

The herd calves only twice a year, so our ruby veal is seasonal; spring/ early summer and late autumn. We prefer it; we’d rather have 100% customer satisfaction than 100% guaranteed supply. Only animals raised in a natural, healthy manner, free from stress and abuse, can produce fantastic quality meat; at Pancake Farm, we’re not happy to supply anything less.

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  1. I was just reading about you in the Priory Inn newsletter. I would certainly like to try some of your veal–escalopes and mince, etc. I assume that you don’t sell online, but do you sell to individual customers at the farm? Can you let me know when veal will be available?

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